Meet Our Team

Antonio Delph

Event Marketing Manager| Sales 

An extravert at his core, you can put Delph in a room of strangers and he will be friends with all of them before the end of the night. With years of experience in regional and district event management, working at tradeshows, festivals, etc. is part of his daily routine. Putting that expertise to good use we are excited to have him join the Kingdom team as our Event Marketing Manager.

Antonio is the father to three adult sons and has three grandbabies he is incredibly proud of. When he isn’t at a local event hanging with many of you in the community, Antonio is a professional photographer (having worked highlighted on billboards in Times Square) and likes playing the guitar.

If you see Antonio in his Kingdom gear at an event, invite him for coffee. Coffee is one of his favorite beverages. He will share with you expert advice on all things roofing, siding, and gutters. Part of being a good event manager is always planning ahead. It seems right then that one of Antonio’s favorite quotes is, “Luck is a result of preparation and opportunity.”