New Homeowner’s Guide to Winterizing

May 24, 2021 | Winterizing

Home maintenance starts from the top down. 


Water is, by far, the main concern in home maintenance. Every fall Kingdom Roofing Systems recommends having a professional inspect the roof. A little preventative maintenance can save thousands of dollars in repairs inside and outside. 

Roofs do require some occasional maintenance. The valleys and eaves should remain clear of debris. All areas that are caulked should be inspected to ensure that the caulk is in good condition. Also, if the roof is past its useful life, it’s imperative to catch that prior to the winter. It is more costly and a bigger heartache to replace a roof in the winter. 

If you require a roofing inspection, give us a call or stop by one of our offices in Indianapolis, Marion, Brownsburg, Kokomo, or Fishers! We would be happy to give you a free quote, and provide you with the most up to date information on the status of your roofing system. 


For anyone with a vented crawl space, it is imperative to close those vents and insulate them. The idea of a vented crawl space is air movement under the home. That is great most of the year, but when we get frigid temperatures in the winter that is normally where frozen pipes come from.

Frozen pipes are a disaster during the winter months. The best practice, to not have to worry about this, would be a conditioned crawl from a crawl space encapsulation but many homes do not have this. As long as a property owner has a vented crawl, during the coldest months, closing those vents and covering them with insulation will help save homes from busted pipes.


Cleaning gutters can save a lot of headaches. During the winter months, the freeze and thaw cycles can cause havoc at the gutter edge. When water cannot freely pass it compounds the problem. Make sure gutters get cleaned once all the leaves have fallen. 


Remove hoses from hose bibs going into winter. If hoses are left on, the water in the hose can freeze, expand and bust the waterline. 


The garage door and entry door seals will stop air from blasting into the home. Inspect these seals for any air movement and replace seals that are leaking. 


Service the furnace before the winter snap hits. Nothing is worse than getting really frigid weather and the furnace isn’t working. Replace air filters on the furnace to ensure peak performance. 


Let Kingdom Roofing Systems make sure your home is winterized.

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