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Frequently Asked Questions About Siding

Is vinyl or cement siding better?

The truth of the matter is, there are benefits to both. The choice is really going to boil down to what works best for you and your situation. There are great benefits to both. There will also be outside factors that may impact your decision. For example, if you are in an HOA, they may have restrictions on what types of siding you can use to preserve the look of the neighborhood.

What lasts longer vinyl siding or Hardie board?

There are two main factors that are going to impact this. The first pertains to the vinyl siding. Please keep in mind that all vinyl siding is not created equal. There is a big difference in a builder grade vinyl product and a higher end product. The vinyl siding that we install is up to 26% thicker than some of the builder grade vinyl products on the market. That thickness is going to have a huge impact on the strength and durability of that vinyl. When weather changes, vinyl expands and contracts quite a bit. If you are using a thin, low quality vinyl, that vinyl might crack. It is also more susceptible to rocks from lawn mowers, or hail. If you want your vinyl to last, you really should opt for a higher-end, thicker vinyl product that is going to hold up much better to these elements.

Which type of siding is the most energy-efficient?

Believe it or not, vinyl siding does typically provide a slightly higher R-value than James Hardie. You could also opt for a foam backed vinyl siding that will raise that R-value a little more. There isn’t a siding option that is one to one replacement for good insulation in your exterior walls, but if you are looking for a little extra insulation boost, a foam back vinyl siding will give you the most r-value.

What siding has the least amount of maintenance?

There is an old saying, “if it’s vinyl it’s final” and that just means that vinyl siding is extremely low maintenance. You may need to wash it from time to time to clear off algae, but outside of that, there shouldn’t be much you need to do to maintain your vinyl.

What is the best house siding for resale?

Generally, James Hardie provides the best value for resale. Hardie has that classic wood look and allows you to get creative with accents and features like a shake look or a board and batten look that really adds a lot of curb appeal to your home. That being said, replacing your siding with vinyl can also create a lot of curb appeal and really make your home stand out as well. Curb appeal is the number one reason that homeowners come to us to replace their siding and is the best way to drastically update the look and appeal of your home.

How can Kingdom Roofing help you decide which option is best for you?

At Kingdom, we will sit with you and go through all of your options considering what look you are going for, what potential problems you are trying to solve, and of course your budget for the project. We actually have the ability to show you a 3-D model of Your home and show you exactly what each product and color will look like so that you can build your dream and make it a reality.

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