Gutter Installation, Replacement and Cleaning in Indianapolis

Properly working gutters are critical to both the long and short-term health of your home.

Gutters keep water from collecting on your roof and ensure good drainage, making sure everything stays dry and intact. 

An improperly working gutter system can cause all sorts of problems, from mold and mildew to full on structural damage, which is why it’s important to have a good gutter service plan in place. 

At Kingdom Roofing, we specialize in providing gutter service in Indianapolis. We will make sure your entire gutter system is working properly year-round and are here, ready to respond, should you find yourself having a gutter emergency. Here’s some more information about Kingdom Roofing’s gutter service.

Do I Need to Clean My Gutters?

Leaves, sticks, and other debris can get caught in your gutter, and if enough piles up, it can prevent the flow of water, which creates a nightmare. It’s important to get in there a few times per year to clear all of this stuff out and ensure the water that collects in the gutters has somewhere to go.

Gutter service also refers to maintaining the various drain pipes that make up your gutter system. These wear naturally over time, and they can also be damaged by snow, ice, wind, or falling debris, something that is particularly relevant for residents of the Indianapolis area.

Keeping your system in good shape is an essential first step to ensuring proper drainage and preventing any water damage that can occur.


Common Gutter-related Issues

A clogged gutter can cause all sorts of problems, many of which are expensive to fix. In case you were on the fence about getting gutter service, here are some things that can happen if you don’t maintain your gutter system: 

    • Roof damage — As water collects in clogged gutters, it can seep up under the roof. This not only causes shingles to peel up, sacrificing the integrity of your roof, but it can also cause water to get into the ceiling, which can cause it to leak down into your home. Both of these problems are nothing short of disasters, but they can be avoided with regular gutter service.
  • Basement flooding and foundation damage — When water collects in your gutters, it eventually has to go somewhere. What usually happens is that it overflows and falls directly down to the base of the home, where it can seep into the ground surrounding the foundations. Over time, this can cause water to get into the basement and can even erode the foundation, which is something you want to avoid at all costs. 
    • Gutter damage — It might sound silly, but one of the biggest issues that can come from a lack of gutter service is damage to the gutter system itself. Pooled water can seep into the facia, or the piece of wood that attaches the gutter to the house. When this happens, the wood can rot and eventually fall off, leaving you with a compromised gutter system. Gutter pipes can also rust if they are left in water for too long. 
  • Pest infestation — Pests love standing water, as it’s easy to drink from and use as breeding grounds. Lots of water and debris in your gutters turns them into havens for pests such as mice, squirrels, rats, opossums, and more, and it also provides mosquitoes and other insects with a nice place to lay their eggs. Keep your gutters clean to keep these buggers away!
  • Bad looks — Lastly, a clogged gutter just looks bad. Whether there is stuff overflowing out of it, or if water is just pouring down from them, it’s not a good look to have a clogged gutter. Get it clean and keep it that way and make everyone happy.


Gutter Installation in Indianapolis

If you live in Indianapolis, then it’s absolutely necessary you make gutter service a part of your regular home maintenance routine. The cold weather in the winter combined with fall foliage mean your gutters are in constant jeopardy of getting clogged. 

The general rule of thumb is that you should get your gutters cleaned at least two to three times per year. But this will change depending on the situation at your house. 

Homes that have lots of trees hanging over the roof may need to be serviced more frequently, whereas more open properties might be able to get away with just an annual cleaning on top of another check.


The Kingdom Roofing Advantage

At Kingdom Roofing, we specialize in providing superior gutter service to the people of Indianapolis. As roofing experts, we not only recognize the importance of a good gutter system, but we also understand how they work and the best methods for maintaining them. 

Plus, if during the course of regular service another issue emerges, we are more than equipped to handle it for you. Service contracts are available for those who want to keep gutter service out of sight out of mind, but we are also available for emergencies and isolated service. 

No matter the reason, if you need gutter service in Indianapolis, look no further than Kingdom Roofing Systems.