Your first choice when you need an accurate assessment of the damage to your roof, or you simply want an estimate of how much longer your roof will last.

We provide professional roofing inspections for homeowners in Indiana. Ensure your roof can withstand the harsh winter months, and know where you stand on your specific roofing needs.

Kingdom Roofing Systems can accurately diagnose problems with your roof, and point out those hard-to-notice issues that might cause problems in the future.

Why Would I Need a Roof Inspection?

There are many reasons to have your roof inspected, and many residents of Indiana often have our team at Kingdom Roofing Systems do regular check-ups to ensure they are ahead of any future structural problems. Some common instances where you might want a roof inspection would be:

  • After a heavy snow or hail storm
  • Before a housing appraisal
  • Every fall, before the harsh winter hits
  • You have a leak in the ceiling

What We Look for During a Roof Inspection

We provide a thorough inspection of your entire roof, both from the inside and the outside. Often times, homeowners cannot see the real damage their roofs have taken over the years. We pride ourselves on giving you the most accurate assessment, and not holding back when it comes to recommendations for preventative maintenance.  When we do our roof inspections, some common things we look for are:

  • Structural damage – Structural damage comes in many forms, and we look for everything. From damaged roof planes, to a close inspection of your gutter system, we have you covered.
  • Interior Damage – A thorough inspection of your attic, ceilings, walls, and other aspects of your home’s interior is necessary to determine if the problem is a result of damage internally or externally.
  • Aggregates – If we notice loose material, we know something is deteriorating within your roof structure. The most common culprit is aggregates from your shingles, which could be a sign that it is time for a roof repair.