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Our benchmark for success is firmly rooted in our client’s happiness. Our goal is to provide quality, innovative, and tried and true materials to all of our exterior projects in Crawfordsville, IN and surrounding areas.

Roofing Contractors in Crawfordsville

As a home or business owner, you’re well aware of the importance of having a sturdy roof to keep the property protected from weather conditions. Getting inspections from certified contractors is highly essential to ensure there is no damage from moisture and pests. You’ll also want to stay compliant with the building codes and regulations of Crawfordsville. Call in the experts at Kingdom Roofing to inspect your roof and sidings and make recommendations on the remodeling and repair projects you should get. 

Roofing Solutions Should be Durable and Long-Lasting

Weather conditions in Crawfordsville vary significantly over the year. Summers can be hot and humid while winters are freezing with heavy snowfall. Cloudy and windy weather is also normal. When considering remodeling, chances are that you’re unsure about how to manage the entire project. Trust in the folks at Kingdom Roofing to arrive with all the necessary equipment and materials. We’ll take care of the entire task from start to finish – removing old and damaged roofing to installing new tiling and cleaning up your gardens and yard. Every step is managed with precision and careful attention to detail.


We Provide a Range of Core Services You May Need

With our years of hands-on experience, guaranteed services, and certified, award-winning teams, we are proud to offer core services like:

We have worked with clients all around Indiana, including locations like Marion, Shelbyville, Avon, Jonesboro, Plainville, and various others. Our clients are impressed with the streamlined processes we follow and the exceptional finishing that adds to the aesthetic and curb appeal of their homes.


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Roof Repairs:
Has your roof been damaged in a storm?

Get a free roofing inspection to assess the level of damage, fast. We work with your insurance adjuster and bill them directly to ensure you get the most out of your claim.

We Offer More than Just Roofing Solutions

Our clients in Crawfordsville rely on our expertise for a range of home improvement tasks such as replacing siding and installing or repairing doors and windows. You can choose from a selection of materials, colors, textures, and finishes for a fantastic end result. At Kingdom Roofing, we understand that your home reflects your personal style and tastes. At the same time, you would want solutions that are economical and last a lifetime.

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