Technology Trends for Construction Industry

Jul 1, 2021 | Industry

There are two trends that most companies are attempting to solve:


Many companies like Leap Digital, Sumoquote, and One Click Contractor are responding to the overwhelming demand for a sales estimating and contracting tool. While CRM’s like Jobnimbus and Acculynx are industry standards, they can be a bit lackluster in some departments like offering financing options to the customer, accepting digital signatures, etc.

Many of the CRM’s are offering integrations with the leading sales software. With the ease of integration, you are able to push & pull key data making the overall user experience very enticing.

Companies like Sumoquote are able to integrate a cover sheet, company story, photos with notes, youtube testimonials, multi-trade proposals, a-la-carte upgrades, color samples, warranty information, etc. all in one document. These customizations are appealing to the customer and drive home the message that the contractor is a professional. What contractor doesn’t want this?

For years, contractors have been begging for estimating tools that will auto-populate information from Eagleview and Hover. Historically, contractors had to be the jack of all trades.

They would arrive, scope the issues at a home, and then hand measure those products that needed to be fixed or replaced. From there, they had to make a list of materials and predict labor costs to solve the problems. Don’t forget that they also need to add a markup on the cost and then create a proposal. This was a painstaking process.

When Eagleview and Hover were introduced, they changed the game. Contractors have now been provided the measurement reports for roofing, siding, windows, and gutters which are summarized with all the measurements.

There are a few companies that have been in beta testing or have rolled out solutions. I can confidently say that contractors should look into the following software offerings: Hover, Sumoquote, Leap, Xactimate, and One Click Contractor. They take the data from measurement companies, map the information into a template that is customized by the contractor, and create proposals.

These tools will absolutely help contractors scale their business if they are willing to invest some time and money. If they do, their organization will be paid back in dividends.

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